Our Own Sofia Ramón Joins the Board of Directors of AVANCE, Inc.!

We’re very proud to announce that one of our founders, Sofia Ramón, has joined the Board of Directors of AVANCE, Inc., the “leading national non-profit organization working to transform the lives of underserved, under-resourced families.” 

This honor is a testament to the work Sofia has done throughout her life and career. We cannot express enough just how proud we are of her and look forward to the accomplishments in her future working with AVANCE, Inc.!

About AVANCE, Inc

AVANCE, which means “advance” or “progress,” was established in 1973 and primarily serves Texas to meet the needs of low-income families. The organization assists these under-resourced families with young children that lack opportunities while helping them overcome isolation. 

AVANCE, Inc. helps these families to become better parents, citizens, and employees through the use of the organization’s “two-generation education and relationship-building methodology.” Considering the fact that the organization’s primary focus is to help those in need, Sofia is the perfect addition to its Board of Directors. Good luck, Sofia. We know you’ll do well and make us all so proud!

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